Today’s businesses are very well linked up with mobile apps that help them to provide multi-angle services to their customers. Without applications, it has been very difficult to engage customers. Even small businesses are also making use of mobile apps to increase their customer base.

In between, mobile application developmentcompanies in Chicago have gained international recognition fordeveloping successful mobile apps for small businesses which createda great demandand popularity for their products and services. You can also build a appwith a top mobile apps development company in Chicago or local developers before. Before that, let’s seesome mobile apps that are helping small businesses in increasing their businessgrowth:5 Helpful Apps for Small Businesses

Mobile Apps for small business

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is abusiness-oriented social networking site and it can also be used through mobileapp. Itallows users to create personal or business profile and helpsto maintainrelationship with business networks from anywhere of the world. Serviceoriented small businesses can easily find new customers and more businessopportunities through it.

2. Cam Card

It isdifficult to manage many business cards got from the professionals in events, andmeetings. Cam Card App helps to overcome the difficulty by storing the contactdetails of them along with photo identify, and also helps to set reminders fora respective contact if he has to be contacted.


3. Sales Tracking Calendar

SalesTracking Calendar Apphelps to monitor the sales activities based on daily,weekly or monthly schedule with the help of personal CRM app. The salesactivities can include the estimationof the sales performance,such as turnoverin a quarter, a target achieved, sales report, and closing ratio.

4. Doc Scan

DocScanhelps a lot for small businesses, by converting the hard copies of documents intoPDF or JPG file formats.After closing a deal with a client,by using smart phones,thesales person can send the data of digital copy to the manager by taking quicksnaps. Small business executives are more interested in using DocScan becauseit saves their time by allowing to scan multiple documents and business relatedcopies. The DocScan perfectly replaces the scanner.


5. Parkmobile

It’sdifficult to park a vehicle before attending a business meeting. Waiting in alane makes more difficult for small business owners. This can be overcome withthe Parkmobile App, which helps to manage parking session on smart phone andalso helps to get parking charge receipts.


Using mobileapps in small businesses helps to reach the targeted users easily and increasecustomer base. So developing a mobile app can be greatly helpful for yourbusiness growth.


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